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Emily Scheinfeld started L'dor V'dor Judaica once she felt she was finally in a place where purchasing Judaica was feasible - out of graduate school and no more cross country moves In the foreseeable future! However, she soon came to realize that Judaica is still REALLY expensive! After moving into their current home In Acworth, Georgia and starting her job at Kennesaw State University, and well, also having back surgery, Emily started visiting estate sales hoping that she would be able to find Judaica at a more affordable rate. 

Once Emily felt she had what she needed for Shabbat and the major holidays, there were still pieces of Judaica left at the estate sales...and thrift shops.... and Goodwill... 

What would happen to It all?!

Obviously, Emily couldn't just leave these pieces of our culture, heirlooms, artwork, and symbols of some people's family histories, so she kept purchasing them. 

After some brainstorming and realizing that surely there were people out there that also couldn't afford Judaica new, out of the box, or were in some other life situation where it wasn't feasible for them but still wanted beautiful pieces of art to fill their homes, make them feel part of the Jewish community, and feel the joy and light having traditional Judaica can bring to us when using it.

Since starting L'dor V'dor, Emily has become an expert at playing tetris with giant tubs filled with Judaica in her small SUV.

In her day job, Emily Scheinfeld is an assistant professor of Communication at Kennesaw State University. She received her PhD in Interpersonal Communication from The University of Texas at Austin and Is a diehard Longhorn fan (don't worry, she also did her Masters at UGA and yells for the Dawgs as well). Her research interests center on more fully understanding family health communication processes to provide families with the tools to discuss the uncomfortable topics in order to have better health outcomes and better cope with crises.

She is specifically interested in examining how adult children and their parents communicate about challenging or difficult health issues, including end of life, genetic testing, alcohol and drugs, the choice to be a donor.

In addition to her publications, she has spoken across the country at conferences and universities, but also given talks to various organizations about health topics, from sex to grief communication. 



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We are currently a recipient of the the Jewish Innovation Fund through the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta.
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